Mahonia Care

Planing a Mahinia

Mahonia 'Media Charity' from a garden centre, approx 2ft (60cm) tall in 5l pot
Mahonia x 'Media Charity'

Before planting your Mahonia soak the roots in a bucket of water for around 20 minutes, never plant the roots dry as this can caurse damage to the roots and can effect the Mahonia rate of growth in spring. When planting the Mahonia you should add a small amount of Bone Meal or Fish Bloog and Bone to the hole you have dug for the plant, mix the bone meal etc through the soil in the hole. This will encourage new root growth when the Mahonia is planted and will give it a good start.

If you want to move a Mahonia then we dont really recommend this, however should you need to do this you should do this from late October to Febuary when the plant is in its most dromant stage.

Protecting Mahaonia in the Winter

Mahonia are fully hardy and when left to go it alone are very unforgiving and will do fine but they will benifit from a little care to help them over the winter specialy if they have had a hard pruning.

Mulch for spreading around the base of a Mahonia to help protect the roots from frost in winter
Mulch to be placed around the base of plants

You can mulch around the base of the Mahonia plant with with a thick layer of organic matter or compost or other mulch material, this will act as a protective layer and help stop the frost getting to the roots.

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